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John Dunning

John Dunning is the company director and comes with a service and accounting background. He attended local schools and then obtained an accounting degree during the infancy of Wollongong University. He has been involved in a variety of business activities and customer service has always been seen as one the main priorities to running a business successfully.

At QC Illawarra he is the contact between the client and the supervisor and staff. He manages the office, provides the accounting services and is the direct point of contact for all current and potential clients.

Trajanka Dimovska

Trajanka Dimovska, known by everyone as Tatsa, started as a cleaner in the Illawarra over twenty five years ago and has been the supervisor for QC Cleaning for over ten years. She is well known in both the Macedonian community and the Cleaning industry. She has the respect of both her employer and fellow employees.

The cleaning and maintenance staff are all trained and equipped to provide the services to our client base as required. They take pride in the services they provide and are all aware of the expectations placed on them by both their employer and the client. Many of them have provided years of service in the cleaning industry and the application of their knowledge to this organization makes it what it is today.


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